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We service all types of food establishments in the Mid-Atlantic including:

  • Chain restaurants (Wendy’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Moe's Southwest Grill, etc.)
  • Commercial property management companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels
  • Major universities
  • Airports
  • Sports facilities
  • Corporate cafeterias

We are the cleanest and most reliable waste vegetable oil collection company in the area.

Service Advantages

Greenlight BiofuelsScheduled routine pick-up: Our scheduling system ensures your container is emptied on-time. Pick-up schedules depend on oil usage.

On-call services: If your container reaches capacity in advance of your scheduled pick-up, we guarantee emergency servicing of your container within 48 hours.

Prompt/friendly customer service: Our customers are our top priority. Ask and we deliver.

Cleaner process: Our state-of-the-art trucks provide a much cleaner method of extracting oil: there is NO LIFTING of your container. Our technique keeps your container clean and avoids unsightly spills. Our trucks are equipped with 50 foot pump hoses allowing easy access to tight spaces without moving the container.

High quality containers: The type and size of the container will be based on your volume. All of our containers are manufactured from high gauge pressure tested materials. Sizes include: 400 gallon, 300 gallon, 200 gallon, 150 gallon, and 100 gallon containers.

Green marketing:
We can collaborate with you to increase awareness with your customers that you are a part of the solution for energy independence. We can work with you to create a Green Marketing scheme that is tailor made for your organization.

Greenlight Biofuels

Greenlight Biofuels

Greenlight BiofuelsCustomer Quotations

Green Mission Specialist, Whole Foods Market, MidAtlantic:

Whole Foods Market has been working with Greenlight Biofuels for over two years now and we couldn’t be happier. Their waste cooking oil recycling services have allowed us to support our mission of environmental stewardship. We’re happy that our oil is recaptured and made into biofuels for use in the local economy. We’ve also been very pleased with the level of service that Greenlight Biofuels provides. They are always on call and have been very responsive to any issues that have arisen. Greenlight is a great company to work with and we’re proud to be part of something so innovative.

Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, DC:

Four Seasons strives to have a long-lasting, positive, influence on the communities where we operate and the people we employ and serve around the world. We believe that this goal is integral to our success as a company. Working with Greenlight Biofuels was a natural fit. It is not often the case that such excellent service is also beneficial for the environment.

University of Maryland, College Park, MD:

We truly would not know what to do without your help removing the used oils…Thank you for the outstanding customer service you provide the University of Maryland on a consistent basis. We are always met with a pleasant attitude when communicating with your company.

Laidback Lenny Pub and Grill Essex, MD:

We joined Greenlight Biofuels a while back and they have given us nothing but the best of services. They are polite when addressing our issues and address them in a timely manner…We look forward to their great services for many years to come and are happy that 100% of our used oil is recycled into biodiesel fuel. We will continue to recommend Greenlight Biofuels to all in need of a safe, reliable and easy disposal of their used oil.

Sodexo, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, VA:

Greenlight Biofuels has been a wonderful company with whom to work. They have offered top notch, friendly customer service with quick responses and have exhibited excellent follow-through on everything they said they would do. They handled the switch from our old pick-up company for us by scheduling pick-up of the old containers and cancelling services. They provide us with a nice, large, clean container for the oil and pick-up on a regular basis with no reminder calls needed by us. The Bank’s Facilities Management department is also pleased with the cleanliness and prompt pick-up schedule. I recommend Greenlight Biofuels without any reservations- it has been an enjoyable, seamless relationship.


The self-declarations for deliveries of used cooking oil on this page are a valid part of the contract between Greenlight WVO,LLC and its customers. The self-declarations will be presented to the customer either within the contract or within the terms and conditions. If the self-declarations are part of the written contract, they shall be deemed as accepted from the effective date of the contract. If the self-declarations are included in the terms and conditions, they shall be deemed as accepted if the customer does not explain his or her objection to Greenlight WVO,LLC within 14 days after the terms and conditions have been presented to him or her. If the customer does not object, this will be considered as an agreement to the terms and conditions. The self-declarations will be deemed as accepted after the 14 days have passed.

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